3 Mantras To Survive A Breakup

About a year and a half ago I went through a very unexpected and rough break up. I fell apart and struggled back to sanity. These mantras helped me get back to being a normal human being and they have stuck with me ever since.

  1. Keep your head up and your heart open.

This was a staple for me, as soon as I heard my friend say it, I started repeating it to myself. To me, it acknowledges the hard time you are going through and sends the message that good things still exist in the world if you are open to them. Even though you are hurting you owe it to yourself to keep your eye out for the good things. Basically, don’t let something shitty that happened to you ruin you.

  1. I am loved, loving, and lovable.

This is so simple but so easy to forget after a break up. I kept repeating this to myself over and over and eventually I started believing it again. One day, I woke up and said “oh yeah, I’m fucking awesome.” It just took a little while to find my way back to the old me.

  1. I radiate beauty, charm and grace.

Again, simple but if you are anything like me, you get really, really down on yourself after a break up and this is something you really need to hear. And you need to hear it from yourself. You are the most important person in your life and if you have a negative inner-dialog you are self-sabotaging yourself. Who needs that? No one.


Whatever the circumstances may be I hope that you find your way back to you. We all deserved to be loved. And the most important person to be loved by is YOU. Find a way to love yourself again despite what has happened to you and who has left you. If they left you, they do not belong in your life. Don’t waste your time chasing after them. You are worth so much more to have to chase someone or force something.



Keep your head up and your heart open.



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